the life of pedro

Who is rauchp?


So I’m re-launching my blog. To kick things off, I want to publish some context about me and why you should care about my thoughts.

Well, you really shouldn’t care. I’m not that interesting. But here’s some facts about me. I’ll be fleshing out these points into longer blog posts eventually.

  • 🇨🇱 I’m a Chilean immigrant. I was born in Chile, but I moved here when I was young. I officially became an American in February of 2020. I didn’t have to think much about that decision. IMO, America is the greatest country in the world. There are so many opportunities here for those that just want to get by, and for those that want to build, there’s really no limit.

  • 🤘🏽 I grew up in a suburb near Dallas, Texas. After high school, I went to school at the University of Texas at Austin, where I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. I didn’t like school much, so I ended up graduating a semester early (Class of 19'). There wasn’t much of an entrepreneurship scene at UT, and the actual education felt pretty outdated. My classmates that didn’t learn programming outside of school have struggled a bit in the job market.

  • ⚓️ I launched a startup with my friend during college to connect live music venues and artists. Even though it wasn’t successful, we both learned a whole lot, and to this day it's probably the single most important failure in my life. Thanks to that experience, I was able to get noticed by tech recruiters.

  • 🌃 I interned at Facebook NY in 2019. The New York office was pretty awesome, and it was pretty lit experiencing a tier 1 big tech co. from the inside. Although it might be uncomfortable to hear, the hype about FAANG internships is warranted. The pay is great and the coworkers + fellow interns are all smart. If you’re in college, you need to optimize for an internship at a company like FB or Google, even if it means sacrificing grades to grind out Leetcode (that’s what I did!)

    • That being said, I didn’t really enjoy working at Facebook that much. Big tech companies move at a different rhythm than smaller companies, and the consequences + value of my work felt abstracted away by the sheer size of the organization.

(The view during work those 3 months was pretty awesome though)

  • 🌇 That summer of my internship, I sent in my resume through YC’s Work at a Startup. Near the end of my internship, a startup based in LA reached out to me. Since I had been planning a trip to L.A with my boyz at the end of the summer, I scheduled time to chat with them when I was there. The team (then of just 2 people) ended up being really cool, so I decided to join them. I worked remotely at Outlier during my fall semester, and then I promptly moved out in January to Los Angeles to work in person.

  • 🤧 Since then, well, it’s been mostly covid. This past year I've learned a lot about entrepreneurship, making well-built products, and eSports. I also learned how to surf, which I highly recommend. 🌊